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Since 1938, the College English Association has been a vibrant, growing professional organization of scholar-teachers who regard teaching college students, undergraduate and graduate, as the proper focus of the profession.

Picture of editor Jeri Kraver with a fake newspaper backdrop that reads "A Journal of the Pandemic Year"
Editor Jeri Kraver

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Are you missing that warm collegiality and expansion of knowledge experienced around this time each year when you attend a CEA conference? CEA heard that resounding “yes” and is offering a virtual fix guaranteed to hold you until CEA2022 convenes in Birmingham, Alabama, next April.

CEA holds its first-ever virtual “Un-Conference,” at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time), Saturday, April 10, featuring the irrepressible editor of  The CEA Critic, Jeri Kraver.  This “Jeri Talk” will draw from that rich vein of CEA history Jeri mined for the 2019 special issue celebrating our journal’s 80 years of service to the academy.

So, drop those mundane Saturday morning errands and reward yourself for your endurance through this past pandemic year by joining with the CEA family at the free Zoom event. The above link is all you need for admission.

Our members represent a broad range of interests traditionally gathered under English studies, including literature, composition, popular culture, women's studies, minority studies, creative writing, film studies, technical communication, speech, and ESL.

CEA's diverse membership connects the various segments of the profession: large and small institutions, state and private schools, liberal arts colleges and technical institutions, community colleges and universities.

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