Officers and Directors


Executive Director

Scott Borders, Anderson University –

Associate Director and Treasurer

Jeraldine Kraver, Univ. of Northern Colorado –


Ken Bugajski, University of St. Francis –

First Vice-President and Program Chair

Stacy Bailey, University of Northern Colorado –

Second Vice-President

Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw, University of Southern Indiana –

Immediate Past-President

Lee Anna Maynard, Augusta University –

Editor, CEA Critic

Peter Kratzke, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder –

Editor, CEA Forum

Jamie McDaniel, Radford University –


Jeraldine Kraver, Univ. of Northern Colorado –

National Coordinator of Affiliates

Linda DiDesidero,

Technology Director

Grant Bain, Colorado State University –

Web Manager

Bremen Vance, Mercer University –



Term ending in 2023

Amanda Brahlek, Volunteer State Community College –

Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw, University of Southern Indiana –

Moumin Quazi, Tarleton State University –

Term ending in 2024

Elizabeth Battles, Texas Wesleyan University –

Emily Jane Pucker, University of Alabama –

Valerie Kasper, University of Saint Leo – 

Term ending in 2025

Camille A. Langston, St. Mary's University –

Laura Petersen, Our Lady of the Lake University –

Joseph J. Ward, Pasco-Hernando State College, Florida –



Nominating Committee

Carolyn Kyler, Chair
Elaine Arvan Andrews
Lee Anna Maynard

Executive Committee

Scott Borders, Executive Director
Lynne Simpson, Associate Director and Treasurer
Lee Anna Maynard, President and Committee Chair
Ken Bugajski, First Vice President and Program Chair
Stacy Bailey, Second Vice President
Linda Di Desidero, National Coordinator of Affiliates
Jeri Kraver, Critic Editor
Jamie McDaniel, Forum Editor

Ongoing Concerns Committee

Scott Borders, Chair
Lynne Simpson
Juliet Emanuel
Arundhati Sanyal
Gerald Siegel
Dustin Michael

Publications Committee

Jeri Kraver, Chair
Jamie McDaniel

Membership Committee

Emily Jane Pucker, Chair
Linda Di Desidero
Ken Bugajski
Valerie Kasper
Jill Kinkade
Danielle Nielsen

Constitution Committee

Carolyn Kyler, Chair
Jeffrey DeLotto
Lynne Simpson
Craig Warren

Technology Committee

Grant Bain, Chair
Amanda Brahlek
Steve Brahlek
Peter Elliott
Eric Meljac

Awards Committee

Elaine Andrews, Chair
Ed Demerly
Evashisha Masilamony
Staci Stone

Diversity Committee

Moumin Quazi, Chair
Lauren DiPaula
Nancy Riecken
Yvonne Sam
Tuvy Voorhees

Women’s Connection Committee

Elizabeth Battles, Chair
Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw
Camille Langston
Irene Rieger

Program Committee

Ken Bugajski, Chair
Scott Borders
Lynne Simpson
Lee Anna Maynard
Stacy Bailey
Elaine Andrews
Special Topics Chairs

Peace Committee

Lauren DiPaula, Chair
Ed Demerly
Jeff Gross
Karen Lentz-Madison
Laura Petersen

Graduate Student Development Committee

Amanda Brahlek, Chair
Catherine Forsa
Rachel Bragg
Aniruddha Mukhopadhyay
Rebecca Quoss-Moore
Rachel Overbay

Allied Organizations Committee

Lee Anna Maynard, Chair
Scott Borders
Carolyn Kyler
Elaine Andrews
Linda Di Desidero


Fall 2020 election

Results of the College English Association's Fall election were announced to the Board of Directors on October 23, 2020. Because the 2021 conference has been postponed until 2022, these new members will begin a three-year term at the conclusion of that conference, April 2, 2022.  The members due to be replaced will continue their current term until that date.

Camille A. Langston, St. Mary's University, Texas

Camille A Langston, Chair and Professor of Communication Studies and Director of the Honors Program, teaches courses in rhetoric, literature, theory, persuasion, and advocacy. She also co-facilitates a city-funded grant serving the unemployed due to Covid-19 and advises the university student news. She spends most of her summers teaching Honors students abroad. Among her publications are articles on Godey's Lady's Book editor Sarah J. Hale, classical rhetoric, and writing program administration. She has attended and presented at four CEA conferences (2006, 2017, 2018, 2019), and for three years (2018, 2019, 2021) will have served as the special topics chair for American Literature in Early 19th Century. Since 2018, she has served as a member of the Women's Connection Reception organizational committee, and she moderated sessions in 2018 and 2019.

Laura Petersen, Our Lady of the Lake University and Northwest Vista College, Texas

Laura Petersen, MA, MEd, is currently adjunct faculty at Our Lady of the Lake University and Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, TX. There, she teaches English Composition, Literature, and Grant Writing. In addition to teaching, Laura serves as the Co-Chair of the Adjunct Senate at Northwest Vista College. Additionally, she is the Scholarship Chair and President of The San Antonio Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa International and scholarship reviewer for Educators Rising and “The Love of Learning” for Phi Kappa Phi. Laura joined CEA in 2014 and has presented at each conference since joining ranging in topics from Peace Studies; Composition and Rhetoric; and Literature (presented as Laura Govoni (2014), Laura Metzger (2015-2017), and Laura Petersen 2018-present). In an effort to give back to the CEA community, Laura has served as the Special Topics Chair for Peace Studies since 2019 and is a member of the Peace Committee for 2019-2021.

Joseph J. Ward, Pasco-Hernando State College, Florida

Joseph J. Ward, Assistant Professor of English, teaches courses in rhetoric and composition, creative writing, and film studies. He also serves as the faculty advisor for PHSC’s chapter of Sigma Kappa Delta (the English Honor Society for two-year colleges), the Creative Arts Club, and Drama Club. His research interests include law & literature and representation of the monstrous in literature and popular culture. Prior to becoming a full-time professor, he practiced environmental law on behalf of the State of Florida. He has been an active member of the Florida Bar and a licensed attorney for over twenty years. Since joining CEA six years ago, he has presented papers (2014-2019), moderated panels (2016-2019), and served as special topics chair (2018, 2019). In his spare time, he writes nonfiction and has eight True Crime books published under his pen name.