Executive Director

Scott Borders, Anderson University

Dr. Scott Borders, emeritus faculty member  at Anderson University, chaired the English department from 2014 until retiring in 2021. Attending his first CEA conference in 1996, he was elected to the Board of Directors in 2000.  Since then, he has held several offices, including National Coordinator of Affiliates and the succession of offices beginning with 2nd VP, Program Chair/1st VP, President, and Immediate Past President.  In 2014 he was named Treasurer (retitled Associate Director & Treasurer in 2016), and became Executive Director in 2019. He started his teaching career in 1985 and holds Ph.D. and M.A. degrees from Purdue University. His doctoral work centered upon 19th and 20th century British literature, with a primary focus upon the fiction of Thomas Hardy.

Associate Director & Treasurer, and Historian

Jeraldine Kraver, Univ. of Northern Colorado

Jeri has been a member of the CEA since 1996. She was encouraged to attend her first conference by John Shawcross, a member of CEA for goodness knows how long and president from 1993-1994. Since that first conference in New Orleans, she has attended all but one of our annual confabs. In 2012, she was named Executive Editor of The CEA Critic. In 2018, the journal published a special double-issue commemorating 80 years of the CEA and The CEA Critic. As a result of that archival work, she assumed the mantel of CEA Historian when Joe Pestino stepped down. At present, Jeri is the CEA’s Associate Director and Treasurer.


Ken Bugajski, University of St. Francis

Dr. Ken A. Bugajski is an expert in British literature, autobiography, and gender in literature.

First Vice-President and Program Chair

Stacy Bailey, University of Northern Colorado

Stacy Bailey is an Assistant professor at the University of Northern Colorado, a teacher with more than eighteen years of experience spanning from middle school to graduate school. Stacy uses this experience and her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology to improve the educational experience for students at all levels.

Second Vice-President

Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw, University of Southern Indiana

Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw, Professor of English at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, has over 30 years of teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate level, including courses on major authors such as Amy Tan, E.L. Doctorow, and Margaret Atwood. Her research interests include modern American and Canadian fiction, women’s literature, and graphic narratives. She has recently published on John Lewis’s graphic memoir March, Maxine Hong-Kingston’s Warrior Woman, and on the graphic novel adaptation of Octavia Butler’s Kindred. She co-edited Performativity, Cultural Construction, and the Graphic Narrative, a collection of essays that draws on performance studies.

Immediate Past-President

Lee Anna Maynard, Augusta University

Lee Anna Maynard is an Associate Professor in the Department of English & World Languages at Augusta University. Her Ph.D. is in English Language and Literature from the University of South Carolina.

Editor, CEA Critic

Peter Kratzke, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder

With a long-ago doctorate in American literature (but, really, as a generalist) from the University of Kentucky as his starting point, Pete has had a career of teaching at a variety of schools, including Marian College (Wisconsin), Texas A&M International University (Laredo), Michigan State University, the University of Texas/San Antonio, and the University of Colorado/Boulder. The CEA has been a thread through his journey, the organization’s conferences giving him the opportunity to explore topics in both literature and rhetoric/composition. Now as an editor, Pete hopes to create a similar opportunity for others.

Editor, CEA Forum

Jamie McDaniel, Radford University

Jamie serves as Associate Professor of English at Radford University and Editor of The CEA Forum, our online, peer-reviewed journal devoted to pedagogy. Jamie teaches a range of classes, including game studies and design, professional writing, film studies, and British literature. His current book project focuses on adapting disability from page to screen. He is the recipient of the CEA Robert Hacke Scholar-Teacher Award and the CEA Joe D. Thomas Distinguished Service Award. Read more about Jamie here: http://jamiemcdaniel.net/

National Coordinator of Affiliates

Winner of Joe D. Thomas CEA Distinguished Service Award

Linda DiDesidero

Dr. Linda Di Desidero serves as the National Coordinator of Affiliate Organizations for CEA. She currently teaches professional writing at World Bank Group Headquarters in Washington, DC, at the University of Maryland Global Campus, and at the German Development Institute in Bonn, Germany. She is the former Director of the Leadership Communication Skills Center at Marine Corps University at Quantico (one of the DOD universities). Dr. Di Desidero holds a PhD in Linguistics (Northwestern University), an EdM in English Education (Rutgers University), and BA degrees in English and in German language and literature (Rutgers University).  

Web Manager

Bremen Vance, Mercer University

Bremen Vance is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Technical Communication at Mercer University. Bremen first attended CEA in 2016. Bremen teaches classes involving the relationship between technology and communication including web design, multimedia, and content strategy.

Technology Director

Grant Bain, Colorado State University – Grant.Bain@colostate.edu


 Term ending in 2023

Amanda Brahlek, Volunteer State Community College – amandabrahlek@gmail.com

Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw, University of Southern Indiana – hoeness@usi.edu

Moumin Quazi, Tarleton State University – quazi@tarleton.edu

Term ending in 2024

Elizabeth Battles, Texas Wesleyan University – ebattles@txwes.edu

Emily Jane Pucker, University of Alabama – ejpucker@crimson.ua.edu

Valerie Kasper, University of Saint Leo – valerie.kasper@saintleo.edu 

Term ending in 2025

Camille A. Langston, St. Mary’s University – clangston@stmarytx.edu

Laura Petersen, Our Lady of the Lake University – lapetersen@ollusa.edu

Joseph J. Ward, Pasco-Hernando State College, Florida – wardj@phsc.edu


Nominating Committee

Carolyn Kyler, Chair
Elaine Arvan Andrews
Lee Anna Maynard

Executive Committee

Scott Borders, Executive Director
Lynne Simpson, Associate Director and Treasurer
Lee Anna Maynard, President and Committee Chair
Ken Bugajski, First Vice President and Program Chair
Stacy Bailey, Second Vice President
Linda Di Desidero, National Coordinator of Affiliates
Jeri Kraver, Critic Editor
Jamie McDaniel, Forum Editor

Ongoing Concerns Committee

Scott Borders, Chair
Lynne Simpson
Juliet Emanuel
Arundhati Sanyal
Gerald Siegel
Dustin Michael

Publications Committee

Jeri Kraver, Chair
Jamie McDaniel

Membership Committee

Emily Jane Pucker, Chair
Linda Di Desidero
Ken Bugajski
Valerie Kasper
Jill Kinkade
Danielle Nielsen

Constitution Committee

Carolyn Kyler, Chair
Jeffrey DeLotto
Lynne Simpson
Craig Warren

Technology Committee

Grant Bain, Chair
Amanda Brahlek
Steve Brahlek
Peter Elliott
Eric Meljac

Awards Committee

Elaine Andrews, Chair
Ed Demerly
Evashisha Masilamony
Staci Stone

Diversity Committee

Moumin Quazi, Chair
Lauren DiPaula
Nancy Riecken
Yvonne Sam
Tuvy Voorhees

Women’s Connection Committee

Elizabeth Battles, Chair
Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw
Camille Langston
Irene Rieger

Program Committee

Ken Bugajski, Chair
Scott Borders
Lynne Simpson
Lee Anna Maynard
Stacy Bailey
Elaine Andrews
Special Topics Chairs

Peace Committee

Lauren DiPaula, Chair
Ed Demerly
Jeff Gross
Karen Lentz-Madison
Laura Petersen

Graduate Student Development Committee

Amanda Brahlek, Chair
Catherine Forsa
Rachel Bragg
Aniruddha Mukhopadhyay
Rebecca Quoss-Moore
Rachel Overbay

Allied Organizations Committee

Lee Anna Maynard, Chair
Scott Borders
Carolyn Kyler
Elaine Andrews
Linda Di Desidero


Fall 2022 election

Results of the College English Association’s Fall election were announced to the Board of Directors on October 7, 2022. These new members will begin a three-year term at the conclusion of the San Antonio conference next Spring (March 30-April 1, 2023). The members due to be replaced will complete their current term at that time as well.

Peter Elliott, Anderson University

Peter Elliott, Associate Professor, regularly teaches multiple sections of First-Year Composition (FYC) classes in addition to Language Arts Methods for secondary school English teachers, whom he also oversees as student teaching supervisor, and a practicum for new writing tutors. He  recently helped redefine the  department’s Language Arts teaching curriculum for accreditation standards. He has held a wide variety of institutional committee assignments, most recently acting as University Faculty Secretary. Elliott taught middle school language arts earlier in his career and is still a licensed public-school teacher in Indiana. Prior to that he was print  journalist for 11 years, working  primarily as a sports reporter and editor and has won writing awards from the Virginia Press Association, the Indiana State Press Association, and the Associated Press. Since joining academia, he has made nearly 20 conference presentations over the past decade on pedagogical issues in  rhetoric and composition. During much of this time he has  been an active member in both the national CEA and the Indiana College English Association. For CEA, he has assisted  in the last three conferences with audiovisual equipment needs and has thoroughly enjoyed the collegiality and camaraderie the association fosters.

Eva Masilamony, South Texas College

Eva Masilamony earned a Ph.D. in British literature and has been teaching at South Texas College since 2002. She teaches Composition, Rhetoric, Introduction to Literature, American Literature and Mexican American Literature as assigned. Her passion is helping first generation college students find their voice. She is also an advisor for a student reading club, The Page Turners, at the Mid-Valley campus. She first attended the CEA in San Antonio in 2006 and has been attending the CEA ever since. She has presented papers and served as a moderator several times. Her paper, this year, was on “The Benefits of Journaling in the Composition Classroom.” She also served on  the CEA Awards committee with Elaine Andrews and others this year. Eva has also presented to the faculty at South Texas College about the CEA and persuaded two faculty to attend CEA with her. In 2016, her paper on “Gender Roles in Khasi Oral Literature” was voted best of the section.

Andrea Van Nort, United States Air Force Academy

Andrea Van Nort has been a member of CEA since 2009, presenting and moderating regularly. She has served as a special topics organizer for CEA in the domain of war literature and trauma over the last few years. Her enthusiasm for CEA resides in its exceptional collegiality and its tremendous potential to impact all levels of college English practices. Andrea earned her BA at the University of Oklahoma and pursed a second BA, an MA, and her PhD in France at the Université Blaise Pascal. She lived in France and taught English in two private universities and four different public universities over fifteen years.  She relocated to the United States in 2007 to accept a position with the Department of English at the USAF Academy, where she currently holds the rank of full professor. From 2017 to 2019, she served as interim director of the Academy’s honors program and continues to teach the honors Humanities survey sequence focusing on literature, music, art, and architecture from the medieval period to the 20th century.

Her research centers on Shakespeare and Renaissance studies, though her scholarly interests extend to war literature, having most recently published on war poets Robert Graves and Brian Turner.