Executive Director

Juliet Emanuel, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY -

Associate Director and Treasurer

Scott Borders, Anderson University –


Carolyn Kyler, Washington and Jefferson College –

First Vice-President and Program Chair

Elaine Andrews, Penn State Shenango  –

Second Vice-President

Lee Anna Maynard, Augusta University  –

Immediate Past-President

Lynne Simpson, Presbyterian College –

Editor, CEA Critic

Jeraldine Kraver, Univ. of Northern Colorado –

Editor, CEA Forum

Jamie McDaniel, Radford University –


Joseph Pestino, Nazareth College –

National Coordinator of Affiliates

Linda DiDesidero, Marine Corps University –

Technology Director

Steve Brahlek, Palm Beach State College –

Web Managers

Jamie McDaniel, Radford University –

Danielle Nielsen, Murray State University –


Term ending in 2019:

Jill Kroeger-Kinkade, University of Southern Indiana –
Elizabeth Monske, University of Northern Michigan –
Monica Weis, Nazareth College –

Term ending in 2020:

Stacy Bailey, University of Northern Colorado –
Danielle Nielsen, Murray State University –
Nancy Riecken,  –

Term ending in 2021:

Lauren DiPaula, Georgia Southwestern State University  –
Catherine Forsa, Roger Williams University –
Irene Rieger, Bluefield College –


Nominating Committee

Section 1/Three members
Steve Brahlek (Chair)
Jeffrey Delotto
Lynne Simpson

Executive Committee

Section 2/Eight members
Carolyn Kyler (Chair)
Juliet Emanuel
Scott Borders
Elaine Andrews
Lee Anna Maynard
Linda DiDesidero
Jeri Kraver
Jamie McDaniel

Ongoing Concerns Committee

Section 3A/Four Members
Juliet Emanuel (Chair)
Jill Kinkade
Lynne Simpson
Richard Gaughran

Publications Committee

Section 3B /Three members
Jeri Kraver (Chair)
Jamie McDaniel
Danielle Nielsen

Membership Committee

Section 3C/Four members
Danielle Nielsen (Chair)
Linda DiDesidero
Lee Anna Maynard
Emily Jane Pucker

Constitution Committee

Section 3D/Four Members
Jerry Siegel (Chair)
Charles Ernst
Craig Warren

Technology Committee

Section 3E/Four members
Steve Brahlek (Technology Director)
Amanda Brahlek

Awards Committee

Four members
Lynne Simpson (Chair)
Richard Gaughran
Monica Weis
Marina Favila

Diversity Committee

Section 3G/Four members
Nancy Riecken (Chair)
Margaret Barrow
Laura Barrio-Vilar
Lauren DiPaula
Moumin Quazi

Women’s Connection Committee

Section 3H/Four members
Staci Bailey (Chair)
Elizabeth Battles
Camille Langston
Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw
Irene Rieger

Program Committee

Section 3I/Seven members
Elaine Andrews (Chair)
Juliet Emanuel
Scott Borders
Carolyn Kyler
Lee Anna Maynard
Lynne Simpson

Peace Committee

Section 3J/Four members
Monica Weis (Chair)
Ed Demerly
Lauren DiPaula
Jeff Gross
Karen Madison

Graduate Student Development Committee

Section 3K/Four members
Elizabeth Monske (Chair)
Corey Andrews
Catherine Forsa
Lee Anna Maynard
Erika Gotfredson [graduate student]

Allied Organizations Committee

Section 3L/Four members
Carolyn Kyler, Chair [President, Ex Officio]
Juliet Emanuel [Executive Director, Ex Officio]
Lynne Simpson [Immediate Past President, Ex Officio]
Danielle Nielsen [Membership Chair, Ex Officio]


Results of Fall 2018 election

Results of the College English Association's Fall election were announced on November 5, 2018.

CEA Officers, 2019-20

President: Unopposed

First Vice President: Unopposed
The College English Association’s Constitution and By-Laws call for the 2018-2019 First Vice-President to succeed automatically to the office of President. Elaine Arvan Andrews, will be CEA President, 2019-2020. She will be succeeded as First Vice-President by current Second Vice-President, Lee Anna Maynard, Georgia Regents University.

Second Vice President by acclamation: to serve from the end of the Spring Conference 2019 through the end of the Spring Conference 2020: Ken Bugajski.

New Members of the Board, each for a period of three years beginning with the end of Spring Conference 2019 through the end of Spring Conference 2022:

Brahlek, Amanda, McNeese State University

Amanda Brahlek can usually be found at CEA conferences assisting presenters with connecting their computers to projectors, delivering speakers, or giving general advice on presentation software. In addition to helping with technology needs,  she has moderated and/or presented at every CEA conference she has attended, and she serves as a Special Topics Chair for Fiction and Poetry. She also received the Robert Hacke Award from CEA in 2018.

Hoeness-Krupsaw, Susanna, University of Southern Indiana

Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw joined the Indiana affiliate of CEA (ICEA) shortly after she started working at USI, served as reporter to the now defunct ICEA newsletter, joined the board, organized conferences, and most recently served as president. As ICEA member, she quickly realized that the camaraderie she experienced at ICEA conferences also extends to CEA conventions and has been a faithful supporter ever since. She is the ICEA liaison to CEA and belongs to the Women’s Connection.

Quazi, Moumin, Tarleton State University

Moumin Quazio is a past president and nearly-twenty year member of the Texas College English Association (TCEA), and serves as their liaison to the CEA. He has chaired the Multicultural and World Literature Groups at CEA for the past two years, and has presented for the last three years at the annual CEA conference. He serveson the CEA Diversity Committee and as a peer-reviewer for the CEA Critic.