Executive Director

Juliet Emanuel, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY -

Associate Director and Treasurer

Scott Borders, Anderson University –


Lynne Simpson, Presbyterian College –

First Vice-President and Program Chair

Carolyn Kyler, Washington and Jefferson College –

Second Vice-President

Elaine Andrews Texas Wesleyan University –

Immediate Past-President

Jeffrey DeLotto, Penn State Shenango –

Editor, CEA Critic

Jeraldine Kraver, Univ. of Northern Colorado –

Editor, CEA Forum and Webmaster

Jamie McDaniel, Pittsburg State University –


Joseph Pestino, Nazareth College –

National Coordinator of Affiliates

Linda DiDesidero, Marine Corps University –

Technology Director

Steve Brahlek, Palm Beach State College –


Term ending in 2018:

Corey Andrews, Youngstown State University –
Richard Gaughran, James Madison University –
Lee Anna Maynard, Georgia Regents University –

Term ending in 2019:

Jill Kroeger-Kinkade, University of Southern Indiana –
Elizabeth Monske, University of Northern Michigan –
Monica Weis, Nazareth College –

Term ending in 2020:

Stacy Bailey, University of Northern Colorado –
Danielle Nielsen, Murray State University –
Nancy Riecken,  –


Board of Directors

Nominating Committee

Section 1/Three members
Craig Warren (chair)
Steve Brahlek
Jeffrey Delotto

Executive Committee

Section 2/Eight members
Coretta Pittman (Chair)
Lynne Simpson
Jeffrey Delotto
Juliet Emanuel
Scott Borders
Linda Di Desidero
Jeri Kraver

Ongoing Concerns Committee

Section 3A/Four Members
Juliet Emanuel (Chair)
Linda Di Desidero
Linda Urschel
Richard Gaughran

Publications Committee

Section 3B /Three members
Jeri Kraver (Chair)
Jamie McDaniel
Jeff Cass

Sub Committee for Poetry Website (under Publications Committee)

Three members
Jennifer Semple-Siegel (Chair)
Jeffrey Delotto
Barbara Weideman

Membership Committee

Section 3C/Four members
Juliet Emanuel
Elaine Andrews
Steve Brahlek
LeeAnna Maynard

Constitution Committee

Section 3D/Four Members
Jerry Siegel (Chair)
Craig Warren
Jill Kinkade
Margaret Barrow

Technology Committee

Section 3E/Four members
Steve Brahlek (Technology Director)
Grant Bain
Dayne Riley
Scott O'Neill

Awards Committee

Four members
Steve Brahlek (Chair)
Staci Stone
Carolyn Kyler
Richard Gaughran

Diversity Committee

Section 3G/Four members
Margaret Barrow (Chair)
Shimrati Das
Jill Kinkade
Arundhati Sanyal

Women’s Connection Committee

Section 3H/Four members
Carolyn Kyler
Lynne Simpson
Stacy Bailey

Program Committee

Section 3I/Seven members


Peace Committee

Section 3J/Four members
Karen Madison (Chair)
Michael Eckert
Scott Vanderpfloeg
Corey Andrews

Graduate Students Committee

Section 3K/Four members
Elizabeth Monske
LeeAnna Maynard
Jake Chaflin
Scott O'Neill

Allied Organizations Committee

Section 3L/Four members



Results of Fall 2016 election

Results of the College English Association's Fall election were announced on November 11, 2016.

CEA Officers, 2017-2018
President: Unopposed
First Vice President: Unopposed
The College English Association’s Constitution and By-Laws call for the 2016-2017 First Vice-President to succeed automatically to the office of President. Lynne Simpson, Presbyterian College (South Carolina) will be CEA President, 2017-2018. She will be succeeded as First Vice-President by current Second Vice-President Carolyn Kyler, Washington &Jefferson College, Washington, PA. to serve 2017-2018.

Second Vice President by acclamation: to serve from the end of the Spring Conference 2017 through the end of the Spring Conference 2018:

Elaine Arvan Andrews, Penn State University, Pennsylvania

Elaine Arvan Andrews is the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs and Instructor in English at Penn State University, Shenango Campus, in Sharon, Pennsylvania. She also currently serves as the Coordinator of the Penn State Shenango Academic Resource Center. She has been as an elected member on the Board of Directors for the College English Association since 2014. As a board member, she chaired the Graduate Student Concerns Committee and coordinated the Graduate Essay competition for two years. Her scholarly and creative writing has appeared in Women’s Writing, Literary Texts and the Arts: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, The Spoon River Poetry Review, and The Youngstown Anthology: Car Bombs to Cookie Tables. She earned her Ph.D. in English with a concentration in Nineteenth-Century British Literature at Ohio University. Her teaching and research interests include women’s writing, visual culture, and the writings of Charlotte Bronte.

The New Members of the Board, each for a period of three years beginning with the end of Spring Conference 2017 through the end of Spring Conference 2020

Stacy Bailey, University of Northern Colorado, Colorado

Stacy Bailey, MAT, is currently a faculty member in the English Department at the University of Northern Colorado. There, she teaches English Education methods courses to undergraduates and coach’s teacher candidates through the program and during their student teaching. Stacy also offers professional developments across northern Colorado to practicing teachers. The topics include issues impacting teachers such as: integrating writing and literacy across the curriculum, measuring text complexity, how to teach close reading skills, and integrating the psychology of learning in the classroom. Becoming a member of CEA in 2014, Stacy has attended and presented at three consecutive conferences all three times being awarded best in section. In an effort to give back to the CEA community, Stacy joined the Women’s Connection committee in 2015. In that capacity, Stacy worked with the committee to organize the Women’s Connection speaker and the luncheon for the 2016 conference. Stacy is also pursuing her PhD in Educational Psychology. Having reached ABD status in spring 2016, she plans to complete her dissertation and graduate Fall 2017. Her research focuses on implementing interventions to increase motivation in the composition classroom. The potential impact on the goal of retention earned funding for this research though a grant from the University of Northern Colorado.

Danielle Nielsen, Murray State University, Kentucky

Danielle Nielsen, Assistant Professor of English, teaches courses in rhetoric and composition, professional writing, and Victorian and contemporary British literature. She also serves on the Writing Across the Curriculum and Gender and Diversity Studies committees. Her research interests include rhetoric of the Empire, gender studies, and student access and success in the writing classroom. Among her publications are articles on Anglo-Indian Author Flora Annie Steel, the rhetoric of the Victorian New Woman, and universal design in face-to-face and online writing classrooms. She has attended and presented at four CEA conferences (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014), and for the past two years (2014 and 2015) will have served as the special topics chair for Rhetoric and Composition. She has published an article "Universal Design in the First-Year Classroom: Why do we need it and how can we do it?" in the CEA Forum where she also serves as a regular reviewer.

Nancy Riecken, Ivy Tech Community College, Indiana

Nancy Riecken is Program Chair for English and Communications at the Gary and Crown Point campuses of Ivy Tech Community College (Indiana). She is a long-time member of CEA, a past president of the Indiana College English Association, and maintains her role on ICEA’s executive board. She organized the 2012 state-wide ICEA conference and was instrumental in ICEA’s first compendium of best papers, published in 2013 as Civil Strife in a Complex and Changing World: Perspectives Far and Near. Since 2010 she has been managing editor of The Atrium: A Journal of Academic Voices, Ivy Tech’s only academic/cross-disciplinary journal. In 2014 she edited the three-volume series, How to Succeed in College. Her research and teaching interests incorporate elements of art and music with creative writing and critical thinking. “Students have questions about the world we live in. Rather than dictate the answers, I try to help them find pathways; discovery is a life-long adventure.”