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Valuable Voices, by Anne H. Charity Hudley and Christine L. Mallinson

By Chuck Bauerlein and The Rational Fringe, by Chuck Bauerlein

The Seacoast of Bohemia, by Emily Isaacso

American Stories Now, by Mylene Dressler

bschillace, by Brandy Schillace

Classroom Quixote: Practical Pedagogy and Other Windmill Tiltings, by Jeri Kraver

Lit Bits: Ideas for Teaching Literature and Creative Writing, by William Bradley

The Adventures of Tony, or, Memoirs of a Modern Philologist, by Tony Tambasco

The Passing Light, by Maryann DiEdwardo

The Hero's Story Has Already Been Told, by Holly Wendt

Teaching with Zest, by Sheryl Long

Resources for Developmental Education, by Bill Barry

Literature Lounge, by Pamela Allegretto-Diiulio