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Congratulations to 2016 CEA Award Winners


Fred Standley CEA Lifetime Achievement Award

Monica Weis, Nazareth College 

Joe D. Thomas CEA Distinguished Service Award

Marina Favila, James Madison University  

CEA Professional Achievement Award

Miles Kimball, Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute

CEA Outstanding Graduate Student Essay Award

Mariah Crilley, West Virginia University

Robert A. Miller CEA Memorial Prize for Best Article in The CEA Critic

Jean Filetti, Christopher Newport University

James R. Bennett CEA Award for Literature and Peace

Courtney Mauck, Northern Michigan University 

Karen Lentz Madison CEA Award for Scholarship

Maryann DiEdwardo, Lehigh University  



CEA gives the following awards each year:

Fred Standley CEA Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizes extraordinary and sustained service to the Association and the profession. Awarded when merited. (Determined by the Awards Committee.)


Joe D. Thomas CEA Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes service to CEA through contributions to the organization over a period of time (through committee work, service as an elected officer, and other projects). (Determined by the Awards Committee.)


CEA Professional Achievement Award

Recognizes an Association member who has significantly contributed to teaching and scholarship at the college level. (Determined by the Awards Committee.)


Robert A. Miller CEA Memorial Prize for the year's best article in The CEA Critic

Honors the best essay and writer of that essay to appear in a CEA publication during the preceding year. (Determined by the CEA Publications Editors.)


Robert Hacke CEA Scholar-Teacher Award

The Robert Hacke Scholar-Teacher Award provides $550 to help support a CEA junior member involved in a scholarly or pedagogical project related to English studies. Those persons who are adjuncts or who hold the rank of instructor or assistant professor in a post-secondary institution, including community colleges-and who are members of the CEA at the time of application-are eligible to submit project prop osals. The recipient of the $550 award will be announced at the CEA's annual spring conference. Applications must provide the following materials to the Awards Committee:

  • A detailed rationale (maximum of five pages) for the project, including title, purpose and goal, methodology, proposed results, and work schedule;
  • A complete vita;
  • One letter of recommendation.

The $550 award is available to each year's winner at the conference or by May 1. By March 15 of the following year, the recipient will submit a brief report of the progress of his or her project to the Executive Director, who will present it to the Board of Directors at their annual spring meeting. Application of no more than five pages should be sent to the attention of the Awards Committee at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The application deadline is February 1, 2015.


Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award

The College English Association invites graduate students who will be presenting papers at the annual conference to submit their work for consideration for the CEA Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award.  THE DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 25, 2015. Here's what you need to know:

  • You must be a graduate student, currently enrolled in a graduate program.
  • Send your COMPLETED CONFERENCE PAPER electronically to Elaine Andrews ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )  by February 25, 2015, for consideration. Please do not send drafts, abstracts, etc. You must send your completed, presentation-ready paper. NOTE: You must send the paper you will be presenting. Article-length essays that you plan on editing for presentation later are not acceptable and will be disqualified. Please remember that all presentations at CEA are limited to 15 minutes, which would consist of about 8-10 pages of text (double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman). When you send your paper, please indicate the program in which you are currently a student.
  • You must physically present your paper at the conference. People who do not present at the conference the same paper submitted prior to the conference will be disqualified. Papers will be read in advance of the conference by members of the CEA Board; these readers will then hear and see the papers delivered at the conference. Thus the written version of the paper AND the presentation itself are both factors in the awarding of the prize. Papers must be sent to Elaine Andrews at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    by February 25, 2015. All questions should also be directed to this address as well.


The Karen Lentz Madison CEA Award for Scholarship

The Karen Lentz Madison Award for Scholarship is an annual award for a presentation at our annual conference by an adjunct or contingent faculty member who contributes significantly to the corpus studiorum in English. The prize is funded by an endowment from James R. (Dick) Bennett and serves to recognize College English Association's immeasurable gratitude to adjunct and contingent faculty in literature and composition studies and to honor their unconquerable esprit de corps and professional dedication.

After you are notified of your abstract’s acceptance for conference presentation, you may send your project documentation or conference paper to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by MARCH 15 for consideration for the award. Papers or projects must conform to CEA conference submission deadlines.


The James R. (Dick) Bennett CEA Award for Literature and Peace

This award is given to a paper presented at the CEA annual conference. A prize of $250 dollars may be awarded annually for a paper or project that contributes significantly, through action or understanding, to the prospect of living in harmony with the Earth and humankind. Papers must conform to CEA conference submission deadlines. Submissions may be nominated by the presenter in advance of the conference or by any session chair by providing by Friday evening of the conference a copy of a paper to the CEA Peace Panel organizer. Each submission will be read by a panel of three judges: the panel organizer, the current CEA president, and the CEA Critic editor or one representative selected by each.

The prize-winning entry will be considered for publication in the CEA Critic, and self-nomination presumes submission. If no entry is deemed exceptionally noteworthy, the judges may refrain from naming a recipient. Although papers or projects must be presented at the CEA annual conference, the recipients need not be present at the All-Conference Luncheon to receive the award.

Previous Award Winners

Fred Standley CEA Lifetime Achievement Award

2016 Monica Weis, Nazareth College

2015 Fred Standley (deceased), Florida State University


Joe D. Thomas CEA Distinguished Service Award

2015 Ed Demerly, Henry Ford Community College

2014 Karen Lentz Madison, University of Arkansas Fayetteville

2013 Charles Ernst, Hilbert College

2012 Joe Pestino, Nazareth College

2011 Miles Kimball, Texas Tech University

2010 Ann Hawkins, Texas Tech University

2009 Walter Levy, Pace University and Dean Baldwin, Penn State Behrend

2008 Joan Frederick, James Madison University

2007 Sandra Stephan, Youngstown State University

2006 Robert Hoskins, James Madison University

2005 Fred Standley, Florida State University

2004 Wendell Aycock, Texas Tech University

2003 Bonnie Braendlin, Florida State University

2002 Not Awarded

2001 Jill B. Gidmark, University of Minnesota

2000 Not Awarded

1999 John Shawcross, Emeritus, University of Kentucky

1998 Keith Odom, Texas Christian University

1997 Not Awarded

1996 Bege Bowers, Youngstown State University

1995 Margaret Berry, Emeritus, John Carroll University and Phyllis Scherle, Indiana University

1994 Edith Blicksilver, Georgia Institute of Technology and Barbara A. Brothers, Youngstown State University

1993 Angela Dorenkamp, Assumption College

1992 Jo C. Searles, Pennsylvania State University at Altoona and Elizabeth Turpin, Ferris State University

1991 John J. Joyce, Nazareth College of Rochester and Alex McFadden, Valdosta State College

1990 Frances Hernandez, University of Texas at El Paso

1989 Howard O. Brogan, University of Massachusetts

1988 Michael Payne, Bucknell University

1987 Marion Folsom, Jr., Posthumously, Nazareth of Rochester

1986 Joe D. Thomas, Emeritus , Rice University

1985 Donald Morse, Oakland University

1984 Glenn Carey, Eastern Kentucky University

1983 John Hicks, University of Massachusetts

* 1982 Earle Labor, Centenary College of Louisiana

(*1982 was the first year that this award was offered on a regular basis.)

Note : The manifest unmanageability of the original Joe D. Thomas Award (thus scarcely ever awarded) resulted in his name being affixed to the CEA Distinguished Service Award by Spring, 2006, although his name did not yet appear on the service plaque for this award until Spring, 2007).



CEA Lifetime Membership Award (retired in 2013)

2012 Jerry Siegel, York College of Pennsylvania

2011 Daniel Robinson and Janine Utell, Widener University

2010 Charles Ernst, Hilbert College and Joseph Pestino, Nazareth College

2009 Scott Borders, Anderson University

2008 Robert D. Madison, U.S. Naval Academy

2007 Norman Stafford, Arkansas State University

2006 James R. (Dick) Bennett, University of Arkansas

2005 Bege Bowers, Youngstown State University

2004 Robert Hoskins, James Madison University

2003 Not Awarded

2002 Not Awarded

2001 Larry Rubin, Georgia Institute of Technology and Earl J. Wilcox, Winthrop University

2000 Not Awarded

1999 William A. Sullivan, Winthrop University and Earl J. Wilcox, Winthrop University

1998 Edith Blicksilver, Georgia Institute of Technology

1997 Doris Meriwether, University of Louisiana at Lafayette and John Shawcross, University of Kentucky

1996 Margaret Berry, John Carroll University, Jack Joyce, Nazareth College of Rochester and Earl J. Wilcox, Winthrop University

1995 Roger Bresnahan , Michigan State University and Keith C. Odom, Texas Christian University

1994 Betsy Hilbert, Miami-Dade Community College and Marion A. Hoctor, Nazareth College of Rochester

1993 Phyllis Scherle, Indiana University and Fred Standley, Florida State University

1992 Gene Young, Morehead State University

1991 Not Awarded

1990 Cortland Auser, Bronx Community College-CUNY and Earle Labor, Centenary College

1989 John Hicks, University of Massachusetts

1987 J.F. Kobler, North Texas State University

1986 Helen S. Thomas, University of Houston

1985 Elizabeth Huberman, Kean College of New Jersey

1984 Samuel Bogarad, University of Vermont

1983 Howard O. Brogan, University of Massachusetts and William J. Griffin, George Peabody College

1982 Joe D. Thomas, Rice University, Edward Huberman, Rutgers University and Max Goldberg, University of Massachusetts

1945 Burges Johnson, Retired, First Executive Director and Editor of The CEA Critic

(*1982 was the first year that this award was offered on a regular basis)


CEA Professional Achievement Award

2015 Richard Pressman, St. Mary's University

2014 Craig A. Warren, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

2013 Barbara Wiedemann, Auburn University Montgomery

2012 Jean Cash, James Madison University

2011 Ann Hawkins, Texas Tech University

2010 Deb Dooley, Nazareth College

2009 Wendell Aycock, Texas Tech University

2008 Monica Weis, Nazareth College of Rochester

2007 Dean Baldwin, Penn State Behrend

2006 Not awarded

2005 Not awarded

2004 Not awarded

2003 Not awarded

2002 Not awarded

2001 Barbara Brothers, Youngstown State University

2000 Not Awarded

1999 Barbara Brothers, Youngstown State University

1998 Not Awarded

1997 Not Awarded

1996 Not Awarded

1995 Fred Standley, Florida State University and Elizabeth Turpin, Ferris State University

1994 John Shawcross, University of Kentucky and William A. Tanner, Texas Woman's University

1993 James R. Bennett, University of Arkansas and Michael Payne, Bucknell University

1992 Michael Shugrue, The College of Staten Island-CUNY

1991 Not Awarded

1990 Allen Walker Reed, Columbia University

1989 Maxwell Henry Goldberg, Commonwealth Professor Emeritus of Humanities, University of Massachusetts

1987 Howard O. Brogan, University of Massachusetts

1986 George Mills Harper, Florida State University


Robert A. Miller CEA Memorial Prize for the Year's Best Article in The CEA Critic

2015 Joshua Grasso, East Central University, "'To Draw the Naked': Paintings of Female Characters in Pope's An Epistle to a Lady and Montagu's The Turkish Embassy Letters" - Vol. 76, No. 1, March 2014

2013 Darlene Anita Scott, Virginia State University: “People Not Like Us: Re-Imagining Jonestown"



2012 Stephanie Eckworth, "Gender and Anonymity in the Romantic Book Market," Baylor University



2011 Ann Marie Adams, Morehead State University, "A Quirk-y Mash-Up of 'Two Kinds of Romance'; Or, The Unlikely Reanimation of the 'Gothick Story' in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"

2010 Gary Ettari, University of North Carolina-Asheville, "'Harts close bleeding book': Spenser and the Dilemma of Reading."

2009 Barbara Mather Cobb, Murray State University, "'Excribe'-ing, Esteem, and Estimation: Jonson as Window to the 'Soule of the Age.'" The CEA Critic 71.1 (Fall 2008)

2008 Ann K. Hoff, University of Alabama at Birmingham, "'How Love May Be Acquired': Prescriptive Autobiography in Millay's Fatal Interview." The CEA Critic 68.3 (Spring and Summer 2006)

2007 Debra Barrett-Graves, California State University, East Bay, "Edmund Spenser's Use of the Poison-Tipped Tongue in The Faerie Queene." The CEA Critic 68.1-2 (Fall 2005-Winter 2006)

2006 Andrew Libby, Indiana University, "Revisiting the Sublime: Terrible Women and Aesthetics of Misogyny in H. Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Mines and She." The CEA Critic 67.1 (Fall 2004)

2005 Susan Farrell, College of Charleston, "Tim O'Brien and Gender: A Defense of The Things They Carried." The CEA Critic 66:1 (Fall 2003)

2004 T.W. Hendricks, Towson University, "Archibald MacLeish in Bermuda : Geography and Grammar in 'You, Andrew Marvell,'" The CEA Critic 65:2 (Winter 2003)

2003 Jim Owen, Columbus State University, " Lawrence Sterne and the Caged Starling of A Sentimental Journey," The CEA Critic 64:2-3 (Winter and Spring/Summer 2002)

2002 Marshall Gregory, Butler University, "Escaping the Prison of Singularity: The Behavioral Axis of the Narrative Transaction," The CEA Critic 63:2 (Winter/Spring 2001)

2001 Sanford E. Marovitz, Emeritus, Kent State University, "Mystical Visions of Mardi and Moby Dick: The Wondrous New Paintings of A.C. Christodoulou," The CEA Critic 63:1 (Fall 2000)

2000 Arlene Wilner, Rider University

1999 Philip J. Egan, Western Michigan University

1998 --

1997 Marshall W. Gregory, Butler Univesity, "Humanism's Heat, Postmodernism's Cold," The CEA Critic 57:2 (Winter 1995)

1996 Jill B. Gidmark, University of Minnesota and Anthony Hunt, University of Puerto Rico, "Catherine Weldon: Derek Walcott's Visionary Telling of History," The CEA Critic 59:1 (Fall 1996)

1995 Willliam J. Mistichelli, Penn State-Ogontz, "The Trumpet Major's Signal: Kinship and Sexual Rivalry in the Novels of Thomas Hardy," The CEA Critic 56:3 (Spring-Summer 1994)

1994 Phoebe A. Smith, Stetson University, "Sense and Sensibility and 'The Lady's Law': the Failure of Benevolent Paternalism," The CEA Critic 55:3 (Spring-Summer 1993); Honorable Mention to Patricia Miller, Valdosta State College, "When Men Are Men and Women Are Men Too: On Gender, Art, and Reading T. Gertler's Elbowing the Seducer" The CEA Critic 56:1 (Fall 1993)

1993 Elizabeth Cooley, Gonzaga University, "Discovering the 'Enchanted Region': A Revisionary Reading of Night and Day, "" The CEA Critic 54:3 (Spring-Summer 1992)

Honorable Mention to--

  • Irene Papoulis, Bard Institute for Writing and Thinking, "Woolf' s Truths as Sleight of Hand," The CEA Critic 54:3 (Spring-Summer 1992)
  • Martin A. Danahay, Emory University, "Teaching Autobiography as Cultural Critique," The CEA Critic 54:2 (Winter 1992)

1992 Jeanne Campbell Reesman, University of Texas at San Antonio, "Dark Knowledge in The Handmaid's Tale," The CEA Critic 53:3 (Spring 1991)

1991 Jay Jacoby, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, "Authority in English 102: Whose Text Is It Anyway?," The CEA Critic 52:1-2 (Fall 1989-Winter 1990)

1990 Brian C. Rosenberg, Allegheny College, "Character and the Demands of Structure: The Example of Dickens," The CEA Critic 51:2-3 (Winter Spring 1989)

1989 Reginald Martin, Memphis State University, "New Ideas for Old: New Black Aesthetic," The CEA Critic (Winter 1987-Summer 1988)

1988 Gale Schricker, Fordham University, "The Antionomic Quest of Waiting for Godot," The CEA Critic (Winter 1986-Summer 1987)

1987 Joan Dargan, St. Lawrence University, "Poetic and Political Consciousness in Denise Levertov and Carolyn Forche," The CEA Critic (Spring 1986)

1986 Russell M. Goldfarb, Western Michigan University, "The Survival of Clara Middleton as Mrs. Vernon Whitford," The CEA Critic (Fall 1985)

1985 Peter Firchow, University of Minnesota, "Auden and the Ideology of Modern Poetry," The CEA Critic (Spring-Summer 1984)

1984 Don F. Nielson, Arizona State University, "Cohesion in Folk Language: Roman Jakobson's Model Tested to the Limits," The CEA Critic (January 1983)

1983 Donald Steward, Kansas State University, "Some Facts Worth Knowing About the Origins of Freshman Composition," The CEA Critic (May 1982)

1982 Not Awarded

1981 Charles Altieri, University of Washington, "The Uses of Frye's Literary Criticism," The CEA Critic (January 1980)

1980 Not Awarded

1979 Not Awarded

1976 Paula Johnson, Yale University, "Ben Johnson's Amorous Alternative," The CEA Critic


Robert Hacke CEA Scholar-Teacher Award

2015 Danielle Nielsen, Murray State University

2014 Jessica Mackenzie Nickel, "Reading Roberts' Short Stories," Misericordia University

2012 Stephanie Eckworth, "Gender and Anonymity in the Romantic Book Market," Baylor University

2011 Jamie McDaniel, Pittsburg State University, "An Example of Navigating Networks for Program Development at Smaller Colleges and Universities: Professional Communication, New Media, and Civic Engagement"

2010 Mary-Catherine Harrison, University of Detroit-Mercy, "The Ethics of Empathy: An Empirical and Qualitative Survey of Narrative Empathy and Belief Change"

2009  Sara Webb-Sunderhaus, Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis, "Student Performance and Retention in Basic and First-Year Writing Courses" and Claire Counihan, Nazareth College, "The Distractions of Desire: Genre Experimentation and Southern African Women's Literature"

2008 Not awarded

2007 Doreen Piano, University of New Orleans

2006 Peter Kratzke, University of Colorado at Boulder

2005 Janine Utell, Widener University

2004 Not Awarded

2003 Ed Wiltse, Nazareth College of Rochester

2002 Helen Thompson, University of Louisiana-Lafayettte

2001 Helene Krauthamer

2000 Joe Viera, Nazareth College of Rochester

1999 --

1998 --

1997 --

1996 Eric Sterling, Auburn University of Montgomery

1995 Barbara A. Burkhardt, University of Illinois

1994 Robert Donahoo, Sam Houston State University

1992 Scott Slovic, Southwest Texas State University


Outstanding Paper Presented by a Graduate Student at CEA's Annual Conference

2015  Evan Chaloupka, Case Western Reserve University, "Images of Cognitive Disability and Restricted Reader Imagination in The Kallikak Family"

2013 Crystal Spears: “Removing the Masks of Lady Liberty: The Grotesque in the Literatures of the ‘Defeated Americas’"





2012 Alyssa Walker,"Canine Abduction and Border Breaches in Elizabeth Stuart Phelps's Trixy," University of Michigan





2011 Rene Trevino, University of Arkansas, "Talking Footnotes: A Note on Editorial Voices in Tristram Shandy" and Dustin Hannum, University of Rochester, "Frederick Douglass, Transatlanticism, and the Supplemental Logic of American Identity"

2010 Lindsey O'Connor, University of Central Oklahoma, "A Method by Every Other Name: Ezra Pound's Recovery of a Buried Voice"

2009 Heidi Bollinger, University of Rochester, "Inherited and Imagined Traumas in Jonathan Safran Foer's Everything is Illuminated"

2008 Lisa Dunick, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne

2007 Mary-Catherine Harrison, University of Michigan

2006 Christopher Leise, State University of New York at Buffalo

2005 Kyoko Matsunaga, University of Nebraska at Lincoln

2004 --

2003 Stephanie Dupal-deMartin, James Madison University

2002 Laura Barrio-Vilar, University of Kentucky

2001 Aaron Urbanczyk, Florida State University

2000 Rose Metts, University of South Carolina

1996 Tamara Michele Powell, Bowling Green State University

1995 Newtona Tina Johnson, Spielman College

1994 Sheri Hodges, University of Mississippi



The Karen Lentz Madison CEA Award for Scholarship

2015 Karsten H. Piep, Union Institute & University

2014 Garrett Jeter, University of Arkansas Fayetteville

2013 Anne Wiegard: “‘Neither a Servant Nor a Family Member’: Recognizing the Unsustainable Nature of Statification in our Profession”

2012 Jacob Lewis, "Visible Nobility and Aristocratic Power in Sir Orfeo," University of Arkansas, Fayetteville


James R. (Dick) Bennett CEA Award for Literature and Peace

2015 Bernard Alan Miller, Eastern Michigan University

2014 Adam Wessell, Indiana University of Pennsylvania






2013 Jeffrey Gross, Christian Brothers University







2011 Twila Yates Papay, Rollins College

2010 Christopher L. Morrow, Western Illinois University

2009 Jacob Stratman, John Brown University

2008 Larry Van Meter, Oklahoma Christian University; Honorable Mention: George Potter (1st Runner-up), University of Cincinnati

2007 Larry Van Meter, York College; Honorable Mention: Susan J. Tyburski and Toni Lefton, Colorado School of Mines


Joe D. Thomas Memorial Prize (Merged with CEA Distinguished Service Award)

1996 William Epperson, Oral Roberts University

1995 Julia Whitsitt, Lander University

1994 Dorothy H. Roberts, DeKalb Community College

Note : Discontinued in 2005, when it was combined in name with the CEA Distinguished Service Award.

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